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In order to help the candidates of the naturalization to prepare the questions they'll be asked during this journey, a young entrepreneur lausannois, 28, recently naturalized Swiss, launches

Each year, approximately 45,000 foreign citizens obtain the red passport after a journey that lasts an average two years in which the applicant must prove their knowledge about Switzerland in front of a municipal committee comprised of 9 members. aims to help candidates prepare themselves for this oral examination which failure could delay or even destroy their chance to get the citizenship. The platform offers quizzes on history, politics, culture and the Swiss geography. The issues are currently available in French, English, German and Portuguese. Each week new questions will be added. is driven by Gooquiz, a platform developed by this young entrepreneur, whose goal is to make accessible to everyone the creation of platforms dedicated to knowledge.


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Florian P. - Directeur de Gooquiz S.à.r.l