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In order to help the candidates of the naturalization to prepare the questions they'll be asked during this journey, a young entrepreneur lausannois, 28, recently naturalized Swiss, launches

Each year, approximately 45,000 foreign citizens obtain the red passport after a journey that lasts an average two years in which the applicant must prove their knowledge about Switzerland in front of a municipal committee comprised of 9 members.

Swiss' naturalisation for François Silvant

Yes, the mood during the commission of naturalization can greatly vary between the places where you started the process of naturalization. It seems that the comedian François Silvant had much more luck than I had ! now also in German and Portuguese!

To constantly evolve our platform dedicated to the Swiss naturalization exam through the sale of credits and subscriptions is our priority.

This involves creating new questions each week, but also adding new languages to make the platform accessible to our entire Switzerland!

Today, after a large work of the team, we are proud to announce the translation in German and Portuguese of

Ha and we even have a new URL:!

Témoignage : mon oral de naturalisation dans la commune de Lausanne

Témoignage : mon oral de naturalisation dans la commune de Lausanne
Il y a tout juste deux ans, je passais devant la commission consultative des naturalisations à l'Hotel de ville, place de la Palud, Lausanne, salle des 'pas perdus', au 1er étage.
Il est 16h, mon entretien avec la commission consultative des naturalisations a lieu dans 15 minutes. Je patiente assis sur les marches de la fontaine de la place de la Palud en parcourant le paquet de cartes que j’ai préparé pour mon oral. L’angoisse au ventre, l’expérience me replongent à l’époque de mes études et des examens de fin d’année. D’ici 15 minutes, je devrais répondre à un torrent de questions sur l’histoire, la géographie, la culture, et la politique suisse.

The conditions for Swiss naturalization in the canton of Vaud

Facilitated naturalization (1 year and a half on average):
  • Have resided at least 2 years in the canton of Vaud.
  • Between 14 to 24 years:
    • Have at least one parent in possession of a permit B or C.
    • Minimum of 5 years of schooling in Switzerland.
    • Having lived in Switzerland since the end of school until the application for naturalization.
  • For foreigners born in Switzerland:
    • Having lived 12 years in Switzerland, including three in the last five years preceding the application.
Ordinary naturalization for all other (2 and a half years on average):

  • Have more than 11 years for a single person.
  • Having lived 12 years in Switzerland, including three in the last five years preceding the application.
  • Have resided three years in the canton of Vaud and 1 to 3 years in the municipality where the application is made.
  • Reside in Switzerland during the procedure and have a residence permit. 

The naturalization process in outline

How is the procedure?

  • The first stage of the application is the application form to be obtained from the competent authority (depending on the canton).
  • The municipal police shall make a report after convocation of the candidate.
  • The applicant participates in a hearing in front of a municipal commission to test the candidate's knowledge of the history, geography, politics, culture and motivation of the candidate.
  • In some cantons, a candidate must also pass a written exam.
  • Upon acceptance at municipal level the file goes through various federal departments before the Council of State makes a decision.
  • The file is then processed by the Federal Office for Migration in Bern for the granting of federal authorization. Once issued, the candidate takes the oath in front of a delegation of the State Council.

The procedure varies in each canton and commune. For more information: